Love Island Jewellery

Love Island 💛Jewellery

6 Jun • Trending Jewellery • Love Island

Love Island is back! And with it, all the jewellery bling.
The contestants are all wearing some of our favourite everyday pieces, and we'll help you get the look.

First up: Ruchee Gurung's gold hoop earrings:

Ruchee made her entrance wearing these show-stopping 9ct gold extra large hoop earrings. Crafted with serious attention to detail and a high quality finish, they'll be sure to catch everyone's eye. Upgrade your glam game effortlessly.

Love Island Ruchee Earrings

Next up: Molly Marsh's Heart Hoops 💙

Musical theatre performer and social media creator Molly Marsh made her intro video wearing multiple silver bangle stack and super sweet heart shaped hoop earrings in silver.

Molly Marsh Earrings

Molly's Evening Jewellery Look:

Molly opts for an on trend gold ear stack in the evening, pairing graduating sized gold hoops with sparkling gold star studs.

Love Island Molly's Gold Earrings

One for the Boys:
Take a look at the jewellery worn by André Furtado, he close to pair a single stud earring with a bling hoop for a sleek shine.

Love Island Andrés Earrings

Zach's Black CZ Huggie Hoops

Sold out

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Medhi Gold Necklace

Medhi's Gold Necklace:

Alright, let's talk about Mehdi from Love Island. We all know that he's been wearing this gold medallion necklace since the beginning of the show. and he rarely takes it off. The necklace holds some special meaning for Mehdi. Whatever the reason, it's clear that Mehdi values the necklace and the significance it holds for him. And who can blame him? We all have those special items that we hold dear, whether they're sentimental or just make us feel good. So, keep rocking that medallion, Mehdi!

Ella's Silver Hoop Earrings

When two new bombshells arrived, Ella had to watch on, but she did it in style....

Leah's Circle Necklace

Leah's Circle Necklace showcases the power of the circle, a symbol of unity and timelessness. The necklace features a stunning gold circle encrusted with cubic zirconia for a touch of sparkle.