April's Birthstone

April's Birthstone

7th Apr 2022

Diamond is the birthstone for April.
The precious gemstone Diamond is April’s birthstone. Diamonds have been a traditional symbol of love since ancient times. Their brilliance and sparkle make them perfect set into precious metals. Representing everlasting love, diamonds are also said to evoke courage, strength and endurance. Diamonds are formed under high pressure and temperature conditions deep in the earth's crust.

Diamond Meanings & History

The origin of birthstones can be traced back to ancient times  when 12 stones were associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac. The word 'Diamond' is taken from the Greek word 'Adamas' meaning invincible, aptly named as Diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth.

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Gift Ideas for April Birthday's

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April Zodiac Signs

As well as Diamond birthstone, April is also the month for the zodiac sign of Aries (those born between March 21st - April 19th) and Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)